MixPhotos is a free Indian image website for commercial usage and other uses. Images published on the channel is by contributors of Mixcommerce.

We are a bunch of engineers and marketers who felt the need to have an open photo community that is focused to present people, culture and things, and India.

Note: Contributions are currently focused on and from India but you are welcome to submit photos and resources from outside.

What do you get for your contribution? 

  1. Recognization: All photo users are required to give credit to the original contributor and the photo page. Creators consider this as a value
  2. Enablement: Your contribution brings a change in the world and enables creators, community, brands, and influencers to use the resource to convey their message. 
  3. Audience: Audience who doesn’t just like your photo but also uses it in brand advertising campaigns. This way your work may reach millions of people on the internet and you can use that as proof of quality work to get clients. 
  4. Usability: Images on the computer is good, but images on the internet allow designer, developer, and others in using that in the most creative m manner.

Why did we build this platform?

We have built this platform to enable creators to submit their photos and allow businesses or an individual to use these images for free.

What you must know and agree to as a user/visitor of mixcommerce?

All community members must follow our terms of service and privacy policy. Members not following or violating may be removed or permanently banned from the community.